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Dry Bed

  Dry-Bed©   Genuine Original Vet Bedding Fleece 

  Ultra Premium : Non-Slip & Green Backed + Premium : Green Backed : Offered in Various Cut Lengths or by the Roll


"Laundry Bags"

 To Keep your Washing Machine(s) Clean


"Q9" Heavy Duty Replacement Plastic Trays

All Sizes for Dog Cages / Crates


Natural Dried Meat (Beef) 

Available in 5 / 10 & 15 Kilo Sacks for your Dog(s) Regular Feedstock


Stainless Steel Dog Products

S/Steel Feeding & Drinking Dishes - Dog Breed / Card / Ring Clips - High Stand Twin Feeders - S/Steel Pails

Double Trigger Hooks

Now all on a UK "Free Delivery"